terça-feira, 13 de outubro de 2009

Days Of Agony

Do you think you can write my reality?

I left it all behind to fill myself with their pain
But I let a stranger dry my tears
I feel safe but the agony still remains
But the price will pay all this wasted years

Do you think you can remind me just once again?
All of my memories that you cannot put on a grave
I had to sacrifice the dreams but I hope it wasn't in vain
An artificially way of life but I couldn't be another slave

Who is the real victim of the fate?
A stranger have crossed my way
They are already gone but it's never is too late
I still need to open my eyes everyday

A pain will come to burn my innocence
No regrets and no one to blame
Just face the beginning of decadence
A life full of sins but no shame

In my days of agony
I dream about a fantasy
A stranger who whispers to me:
“You are not what you're supposed to be”

But I'm free..