sábado, 22 de agosto de 2009

Waiting To Die

The letter writen with my blood
The story is already told
I lost myself in a dream
And it will never carry me to home

Sometimes I just wonder
Why am I still here?
I just wish I could be stronger
To wait for what I fear

The same fight through the years
But there's nothing to earn
I only have created
The emptiness in my heart

So I'm waiting to die
And the pain will be a memorie
Another day could be too late
And unleash all my sins

And I still wonder
Why Am I breathing?
I wish I could be stronger
To wait my destiny

And it hurts me to know
That I can't end it by myself
While I can't take it any longer
I'm frozen in this hell

So I waiting to die
I wait my time to lie
Tomorrow is too late
Who will close my eyes?

sexta-feira, 14 de agosto de 2009

One Of Us

We are the creation you cannot control
We are victims of the justice and the law
You surrender and wait for something to follow

You are one of us

We sold our conscience
We manipulate the fate
You are just another experience

Silence is the key
You cannot know
You cannot see

We are the future
You are the next sin
We are artificially pure
You are what you carry within

You are the subliminal message

We are the soldiers of the last day
You are the last light to fade away
We are the road to the hell
Today the rebel angel fell

The same old values
Offer on a silver plate
You are one of us
And you can't escape

We are the voice you hear in you mind
You know that someday it will happen
We are the feeling that made you blind

You are one of us
Don't be afraid
You are on of us
Forever empty