domingo, 19 de julho de 2009

The Last Tale

Where is my soul?
So broken inside
This is the last tale I'll tell

Once I wished to be here
I had a reason to believe
But then everything
Turned into dust
And I'm living a lie

With the ashes of my dreams in my hands
I left behind a place 'cause my soul wasn't there
And in the last day I have prayed to fall
I became empty and I broke all the walls

I walked alone but my memories were there
Until the day I saw it was in vain
The pain will be here and a new wound will come
Just to remind me of the things I have done

Can I bleed again?
This blade seems so sweet
But I don't know if it is real

Once I wished but now I see
The rope is not strong enough
To support my body
It's fall or die
I can't live tonight

With the ashes of my dreams in my hands
I cried as I never did it before
And in the first day I prayed to be free
So I burned my dreams one more time

I walked alone in a road to nowhere
And I waited for the day when it would start again
It will never have an end so this is the last tale I'll tell
'Cause I'm trapped here in the cage of destiny

sábado, 18 de julho de 2009

The Dreamer And The Pain

I- My Decay

Don't look at me
Just leave me alone

I cannot stand it
Not this time
Cause I find myself lost in a illusion

I tried to think I could be ok
But I know
I'm forever trapped in my dreams

II- The Road I'll Choose

Gimme my wings
I'm moving on
It's getting late
I can't stay strong
Forget the future
Enjoy the past
The old issue
What I feel still rest

Searching for freedom everyday
Emancipation, I need to feel safe

Lost inside I burried my lies
I have time to open my eyes
But I feel so cold
So good
So dead
And this road I'll choose

Time to come back in time
Forsake the things
Your legacy is mine

Another night
The same pain
It doesn't matter
I'm running away
Another place
In loneliness
I have been guide
Through the voices in my head

I found my freedom here
And it is all that I fear

Lost inside I burried my lies
I have time to open my eyes
But I feel so cold
So good
So dead
And this road I'll choose

III- Dead

Can you still hear me?
Can I still see you ?

I have been waiting for so long time
But today I will take my last breath
No hope
No light
Just the end

I don't want to cry in my last day

I will never be right
So now it's time to burn the way
No choices
No dreams
Just the pain

The same tear still runs inside of me
Trying to find a way to come back

The only way is dying

IV- The Pain

I still can feel the pain
Dead or alive it's here
And when I try to heal it
I only feel it getting worse
There is no forgiveness to the ones who lost their souls

Everyday facing the destiny
I wait in silence
Condemned by my own guilty
My weakness made me confess
And leave the dream behind

I'm free but the world is still a cage

( 09/07/2009 >>> 15/09/2009)

quarta-feira, 8 de julho de 2009

Destroy Your Way

Forgetting the name
Giving a chance to the pain
The time will be wasted
Until my dying day

The truth in my hands
A legacy forgotten
The unspoken words
It will be better than nothing

Destroy your way
So they won't follow you

Denying my fears
Just another day to live
Forgive my sins
But I won't change anything

The guilty will be there
Just another thing to carry
One last dream
And I will face my death

Destroy your way
So they won't follow you

Closing another door...

quinta-feira, 2 de julho de 2009

Come Again

Come hurt me again
'Cause I cannot think you are different anymore
Come lie to me again
You won't be the first to drive me insane

You are just another one
But I used to believe in you
One more time
I let you blind me

Come betray me again
I'll always find a way to know the truth
Come kill me again
'Cause I cannot do it by myself

'Cause in the end
It's just the same
Forget who you are
We will always be liars

Come dream with me again
Let's see who will fall first
Come love me again
'Cause I'm tired of your fears

I will follow the signs
So don't try to hide the evidences
You are just like me
We fake to live

Come hate me again
I think that is all you need
Come make me bleed again
'Cause I can't stand the pain

Come again
I'm waiting
One more time
I cannot die, but I can lie

PS: Vee, obrigada pela correção ^^