domingo, 31 de maio de 2009

The Hunter

One shoot

I want to feel the taste of your blood in my mouth
I want to be the reason for your pain
I will show you how to get insane

I need to kill you to keep you here
I need to write my name on your skin
I'll never set you free my prince

You are so fragile when you try to be strong
What you gonna do when I torture you ?
'Cause I'll never let you go

I'm the hunter and you are my target
I need to have you on my knees
To make the fairy tale complete

One shoot and....

Get yours, 'cause I'm getting mine

domingo, 24 de maio de 2009

My Cage Of Lies

Everytime you come to free me
I let them caught me again
That's the reason why you will ever see my pain
That's the reason why you will never see me cry

I love this cage

Freedom is like love
Don't matter how much you have
'Cause it's never enough
That's why I hide myself here

I need to feel safe

The more we grow up
The more we get untrue
Everyday we need to tell a new lie
This is the meaning of life

The lie will never die

In my cage I'm safe
My pain protects me against everything
I don't want to feel nor to see
I just have to lie...

Locked I'll be free

I'm addicted to this pain
And all the things that it can change
I'm not afraid to lie but I'm afraid to die
Without know the truth

The agony of have something behind it all

I can stop these things
But a new beginning will happen
And I will need to face
All the pain that I don't want feel anymore

I threw away the key

segunda-feira, 11 de maio de 2009

Too Late

It's too late to change my mind
I feel the anger growing deep inside
I don't need to breathe

It's too late to come back
To live in agony is a pride
I don't need to believe

Thinking in my past I search for some place to rest

Every place is better when you are alone
Every heart is better when all the feelings are gone

It's too late to lie
I will never have a chance to try
I don't need to lose

I never will be free while I keep dreaming every night

It's too late to stop this goodbye
The memories will keep you by my side
I don't need you here anymore

Every night is better when you are awake
Every mistake you commited is better than the next you will make

I don't want to run away but I need to escape
From all of the things
That used to be my dreams
And now hunt me
Follow me
Steal my peace
Reveal the truth
How many times I will need to tell myself
That I don't need to dream?

Every lie is better when you believe in it

It's too late do die
'Cause I found my cure

domingo, 3 de maio de 2009

Nothing Left

Save your life
Killing me
Is not here

Let the prophecy
Becomes true
All this fight
Won't save you

Desire won't burn in my eyes again
Everything I am, I destroyed
I became so strong being insane
Everything is a part of the game

I'm feeling empty in this cage
Not even myself I can hate

Find the truth between the lies
The reason why everything dies

Save your life
Killing me
Is not here

Let the prophecy
Becomes true
All this fight
Won't save you

Everything is back
But it's not the same
I don't want
Someone else to blame

Kill me 'cause dead I'm alive
Hear the silence inside your mind
Try to feel what I feel
Just once in my life I chose to be blind
All the things that only the pain can heal

I cannot forget why I'm here
Flirting with my fear

They whisper to me
What I don't need to see
Torturing me while I sleep
This wound never hurt me so deep

Save your life
Killing me
Is not here

Let the prophecy
Becomes true
All this fight
Won't save you

This is when the fates collide
Let me see what you have inside
And if you are waiting to see what I have
I'm sorry but nothing left

Ps: A volta ao contrário da ida, dispensa toda e qualquer explicação ^^