terça-feira, 30 de dezembro de 2008


Could this be enough?
I want to know
'Cause I'm good just standing where I am
'Cause in this moment I have all I can
It isn't what I want, but makes me feel good
In a way that I didn't believe that one day I would

I want more...I want the eternity
I want make my dream becomes reality

But everything won't change
It will keep being strange
The truth is easy to see, but hard to believe
And I'm needing a ilusion to live
Some people say that those stories of dear diary must stop
But I'm so lost that I cannot drop it

Could this life be enough to me?
I feel so complete but everything is so sad here
Could this be insanity?
I don't want to live in a fantasy

I want more...I want the eternity
I want make my dream becomes reality
I want to stay lost in a moment

I don't mind
I don't wanna be blind
Not anymore
I don' t wanna close the door

Sometimes I think I'm just another one
Trying to find a answer while I'm lost in my own
Sometimes I wish, sometimes I die
Seeing how cruel is a lie
The lie I told myself everyday
The lie that makes me stay
And I want to stay lost in this moment forever

segunda-feira, 29 de dezembro de 2008


I can't believe
I'll never believe
I'll never understand
I'll never see
I'll never do
I will always wait...

So fool, how could I lived thinking in fulfill my dreams ?
The truth is that everything is what seems
And once you open your eyes you cannot close it again
So I saw that I'm the only that don't need more explains
It's getting cold one more time, I haven't time to try
'Cause it will be over before I could die

The time to commit a mistake is coming
In few minutes I'll be bleeding
I always knew where this way would carry me
Since the first line I could see what it will be
I'm so guilty
I'm so weak

I can't believe
I'll never believe
I'll never understand
I'll never see
I'll never do
I'll always wait...

I never fought against this feeling
And all my thoughts keep screaming
I don't wanna lose what I never had
I never felt so scared
I wanna say what's killing me
But it's hard to find the right words to make you see

It can't be true
And it's so cruel

sexta-feira, 26 de dezembro de 2008

The Nightmare

When I closed my eyes all I was wanting was found some peace to my soul
But that night something got wrong and just makes my fears grow
Another people were here taking away all my energy
Carring me far away from my fantasy

The nightmare I had last night
A new year, the same fight
I'll never win
You are my sin

Untill the eternity I will keep myself lost in darkeness
I learned to love this sweet feeling of weakness

Someone took you by your hand
Then I saw there are so many things that i can't stand
Will I watch my world falls down?
I don't know if there's something I can do now

The nightmare I had last night
A new year, the same fight
I'll give in
You are my sin

Another people, don't matter who are you
Your feelings aren't true
I'll never allow you to have what I can't

My nightmare, I'm living you
My desire, I won't leave you

The nightmare I had last night
A new year, the same fight
I'll never win
You are my sin
More than a desire, you are my dream

terça-feira, 23 de dezembro de 2008

So Far That Makes Me Feel Guilty

Well, I don't know what to say
I haven't strength to run away
I just spent my time here alone
Wishing I could have a place to call home

Nobody's here and I know why
And scares me that I never had a chance to say good bye
I only closed my eyes to make easier to leave it behind
But one thing keeps living in my mind
Not only in my mind, but in my heart
One thing that I can't live apart

But now I'm so far, trying to hide
Telling myself everyday that I have nothing inside
I can learn this, I can become empty
But I can't survive being a guilty

Sometimes I wish could make it in the right way
But I really lost myself and I don't know if I will find myself someday
Maybe it's just another ilusion, maybe this signs are just a fantasy
That keeps knocking at my door wanting to carry me to the insanity

But everything is so far from me
If I just could see
I will stop to believe
In everything that makes me live

domingo, 21 de dezembro de 2008

Leave me

Kill me with your words
While I'm here trying to heal my wounds
You will never know
The things I should show

Leave me while you still have time
Leave me
My weakness makes me stronger
Leave me while I can control myself
Leave me

My desire must be a ironic game of my mind
But I never loved it so much as I do now
Trying to find a reason why I became blind
If at least I have somebody to open the door I should try to come out

Leave me 'cause I don't want to hurt you
Leave me
My fear guides me to insanity
Leave me while I don't believe you can
Leave me

The pain could kill me
And it will
Day by day
Every second
Every breath
My heart keeps frozing more and more
Just to protect a feeling
Trying to make it stay here forever
But I already know the aswer
The feeling will never go away...

Leave me now while I'm wanting you here
Leave me
I'm afraid, I'll always be
Leave me while I'm hoping you don't read this lines
Just leave me

quinta-feira, 18 de dezembro de 2008

I Need To Die

A fairy tale wrote in the wrong line
What was supposed to be my time
If at least I could try
Maybe I'll have another day to die
My eternal search for what never will be mine
The dream into the dream
Between my death and my crime
The insanity of a lie
I don't care
Let me live with my lies
Or kill me opening my eyes
I need to die to dream again

domingo, 14 de dezembro de 2008


Rest in peace
'Cause you cannot die twice
But if I could I would kill you again
For all this feelings that I can't explain

Rest in peace
'Cause my time will come
And I'm waiting to could drink your tears again
Untill nothing good could remains

The profecy have been made by yourself
All your pain wasn't enough for what I felt
Sweet fantasy, someday I will regret
We will be together again in death

How can you hope to find something in my heart
If was you who broke it before you hide?

Rest in peace
You will never see
All the agony
You brought to me

Rest in peace
And let me leave
With my heart
Full of diseases

The ilusion I have created
Just to hide of our mistakes

Rest in peace