terça-feira, 1 de dezembro de 2009

Without Meaning

Far from everything lies a sin
Untouchable but I can see
Here I only find a pain deep within
It's how should be

Through the days they said me to stay here
Being fed slowly by my fears
My name should be whispered for another century
My words will be writen as a prophecy
Beyond the limit of the truth that lives inside everyone
They made me bleed to spread a fake lesson

Why is everything so empty?
They can't stand the guilty
So I'm here to be blamed in vain
I must be stronger to be free again

Far from us all they hide a secret
Where the sky turns to scarlet
I used to rest my head there every day
Before the innocence went away

They made us know the temptation
And then we poisoned our own creation
If you believe in destiny you follow me
And succumb to everything thet they want you to see

With them my words don't have a meaning
You can't feel my pain but you can see me bleeding

4 comentários:

Jonas Lupus disse...

nao e atoa que somos gemeos de alma...

Suas paalvras me completam...

E justo num momento em que eu pediria um conselho...

Ja encontrei parte dele...


No mais...perfeito como sempre... voce sempre evoluindo a cada um que escreve!

goverdose disse...

*-* perfeito! E de fácil compreenção! Por isso q eu amo seus poemas! Simplismente perfeitos! *-*

myopiandown disse...
Este comentário foi removido pelo autor.
Darkness Maiden disse...

Está na hora de voltar a ativa, hun?