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Unfinished Memories Of A Schizophrenic Mind

Tá, tá... eu sei que nem uso isso aqui mais, eu sei que ninguém usa blog mais, e eu também sei que ninguém vai ler isso aqui. Mas, se por algum acaso alguém estiver lendo, o negócio é o seguinte: fazendo uma limpa no computador, que não está lá muito bom, encontrei diversos trechos de coisas que foram escritas nos últimos sei lá quantos anos, a grande maior parte não terminada. Como lotei os pen drives com séries, filmes e músicas, não tinha onde salvar todos eles, e como escrever se tornou algo raro, precisava arrumar lugar pra essas "relíquias". Foi então que lembrei do blog e resolvi colocar todos eles aqui, pelo menos provisóriamente. Juntei todos (ou quase todos) numa coisa só e fim.

Unfinished Memories Of A Schizophrenic Mind

1- Loving Ghosts

I know it will never happen
Not in this life
I pray for the next to come
So there will be another line

It seems it will take a long time
To share your pain with mine
How could I anticipate
This fate of love and pride?

Can I just follow the road
And keep the secret untold?
Is it fair to keep living
When I should be the one bleeding?

I hope I will go to the same place
I still remember the last time I saw your face
And it haunts me every night, even when I stay awake
But I know I didn't make a mistake

And everyday is one day less
But I can't reach the darkness
I should feel guilty for that
But there's emptiness instead

Life is suicide in slow motion

2- Roses & Bones

Consumed love dies young
Forbiden love lasts forever

3-Playing Cards With My Corpse

For such a long time I tried to destroy myself
But it was your name I called when I faced the death
Then I knew there was a part of me I should burry
But I failed and now I'm here playing cards with my corpse
An eternal battle against what should not be here anymore

In this deck of cards
There are no king or queen
A wasted land
Is my heart inside

4-Data Traveler

Subliminar tendencies
In a long road
I hear the silence
The guilty goes away

I seek in the dust
I sleep in the fire
I should have been hurt

Too much dark, too much light
Both can blind
Illusions come in a bottle
So let me drink it all
Let me be immune
There's no ground
There's no sky

Instead of silence dreams
I hold the last breath
I need to free
What should never have been

5- On A Cold Winter's Night 
I wanna die on a cold winter's night
With silent tears in my eyes
And nothing to leave behind
I wanna die on a cold winter's night

Maybe the snow wouldn't be colder than me
So this dream would be more than a fantasy
I wanna die on a cold winter's night
The pain would never see another sunshine
Alone I came, alone I will go 
6- Never-ending Story

This is my never-ending story...

A long time ago
Misplaced feelings
Underated scenes
In the right place
Mystical pain
Released from the cage
It's insane that I survived
But I can't scape
It still lies inside of me
Didn't you get hurt?
I stayed awake
The nightmares came
The rules of the game
That I've never planned
Can you look me in the eyes?
For all the things I had sacrificed
Another day, another lie
All the voices inside my mind
You are not the one to blame
But I don't feel the guilty
Why is it so hard to explain?
This is not how it was supposed to be
I keep it alive on my memories
The fake stars of my tragedie
I said I would never have a heart
Time has passed
Many things can last
But once they are gone, they are forever gone
That's why I keep living the same day
With broken dreams, blurry scenes
I thought it was everything
That once I would have
It's what happens when destiny crashes
And all the pain, I still have to deal with it
It's not the same but it grows slowly inside
But still faster than it should
It lingers in the halfway of coming and going
It will never fade away
I'm sorry, you are my never-ending story
7-Mirror of the existence

Searching for the answer
On the mirror of existence
I swear one day I'll belong
To the place you once called home

Living for a tear
To wash away my sins
Reaching the light inside the pain

Nothing will betray
The fear of my mistakes
Leaving behind what I've become

Far away, hidden in the distance
A space in time, the dust on fire
A heart that once was mine

Feelings not so deep
Denied for many years
A chance to recognize them
I'm weaker than my pride
On the mirror of the existence
A blurry image I see
The dead part of me

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