sexta-feira, 30 de agosto de 2013


These chains are full of honor
What was lost and now is forever gone
It’s not a matter of time anymore
But a reason to love my pain
When all the boundaries were already crossed
All you have left is a way back home
A way back to the roots of what you‘ve been trying to deny
What lies inside of you can’t be the strength that guides you
Only emptiness can show you freedom
The line between pain and happiness is too thin
It doesn’t matter where you are going
You just need another day and four words
And then you will make it all end
You don’t need to play your own game
What you believe is nothing but a lie
We all fail at the end, so why can’t we anticipate it?
Death is the most beautiful thing in life
The eminent tragedy that evaporates in a second
The  most unpredictable breath
The primal instinct, we are born to the in between
But you will die before the physical moment of it
All the things that keep you bounded to your pain
Is the way you find to say “Hey, I’m alive”
You can only fight through the pain
It’s your sword and your shield
Life is about the walls you’ve built
And how you become a prisoner of yourself
Nobody gets in,  you can’t get out
Then you understand you never had any chance
It’s not about destiny, It’s about not being able to
All the places were wrong
And you can’t regret anything
You see the light though you don’t know what to do with it
There’s no forever, You will not have another time
You are not brave enough to end it
Nor to go back home
You just sit and wait
And that’s the only thing you know how to do well
Waiting is a way to transfer your guilty
You believe something will change someday
If it remains untouched
But you can’t prevent it from being stolen

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