segunda-feira, 16 de junho de 2014

The Pain Must Go On

I should fight
I should hide
I should try
But in the end the pain must go on

There’s no refuge now
Denying won’t save me
Admitting will break me
There’s no way out

One more day
Or one day less
Both perspectives
Share a death

The fragile powerless
The absence of will
Not to care
Never dare

All the reasons lost in a paper
All the emptiness turned into words
All the memories are just a feeling
Not forgiven nor forgotten

Far away of the tragedy
Far away of the dream
No meaning

Not a game just a lie
To blurry the bound
To mess with time

To whom it may concern
I’ve never opened my eyes
Just took the road without a goodbye
The pain must go on
It’s a part of my life

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